ReLiving the city – bi-city biennale of urbanism and architecture Shenzhen, 2016

performance / workshop

Imagined and conceived for Shenzhen UABB "Reliving the city", this bamboo installation considers potential working environments within a domestic setting. Designed by studio Makkink&Bey, the Workscape Theatre is divided into three sections containing the workplaces of guests alumni from Design Academy Eindhoven : Dan Adlešič, Fiona du Mesnildot and Echo Yang. The three designers were invited to create a collaborative exhibition that would generate a dialogue with those attending the event.

At this occasion Mesnildot lead a workshop with students from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

They where asked to re-appropriate pieces of elastic textiles printed with fragments of domestic artefacts in order to stage and challenge their ideas and perception upon dwelling.


Workscape Theatre a proposal by studio Makking-Bey

Guests designers:
Dan Adlešič (Slovenia) – Electricity is just like ... WOAH
Echo Yang (Taïwan) – Autonomous Machine
Fiona du Mesnildot (France) – Domestic Theatre

Special thanks to Hsiang-ching Chuang (Chester) and Xian Zheng for their special part in the making of this project.

With the participation of graduating students from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts's bachelor program : Environmental Design.