Another Dollhouse (not by Ibsen), 2015-2017

based on theatre / set design / collectibles / cocial construct

A set of curtains and props imagined both for interior and designs theatre settings. A creative process based on Henrink Isbsen’s play (1879): A doll’s house. A performance for three dancers.

Door, window, staircase: Elements of the domestic space, symbols of the ordinary, are turned into trompe-l’oeil ghostly curtains to create a domestic theatre. A playroom, modular and archetypal, used to re-enact the everyday and to assimilate it. It’s interesting to note that the same word is used to describe the way a child relate to his toy as well as to describe a theatrical performance: PLAY. 


digital prints on polyester semi-transparent curtains.

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model photo and video: Floriane Misslin
dancers: Olivia Caillaud, Maud Llorente, Lauriane Kereg
voice: Laurianne Kereg
special thanks to: Rianne Makkink, Vittoria Matarrese, Earlwyn Covington, Gabrielle Kennedy

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