research program / social construct

Designer in charge of the research program : Design des Instances

A project by Cité du Design Saint-Étienne, under the direction of Olivier Peyricot.

The word “Instance” could be translated from french as “a form of authority” which could relate to a design research interrogating public organization and social construct.

Initiated in 2015 the program hypothesis was to demonstrate the capacity of self-organized citizen’s collectives, to serve as models for the development of new configurations of democratic spaces and tools. In other words, a bottom-up reproduction of public representation as a counter-point for a top-down hierarchy of the decisions commonly in use within institutional organizations.

"By its very nature, a state is ever something to be scrutinized, investigated, searched for. Almost as soon as its form is stabilized, it needs to be remade […] And since conditions of action and inquiry and knowledge are always changing, the experiment must always be retried; the State must always be rediscovered." The public and its problems, John Dewey (1927)

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Conversation with with David Mulder Van Der Vegt (co-founder of XML Architecture, Research & Urbanism) Amsterdam 2018. - Abstract from a serie of 12 interviews questionning design and democracy lead by Simone Fehlinger for Design des Instances.
"Public Action / Public in Action", symposium & controversy - part of the Public Innovation week 2017 - co-organized and co-hosted by la cité du design Saint-Etienne and Nantes school of Design.
Politorama, 2021 © Thibault le Page (Cydre, Esadse, Design des Instances)
"Protest with Antonin Artaud: The designer and its double" – Workshop with the students of Esadse Saint-Etienne. Co-imagined with Ernesto Oroza. Part of week of research at le magasin, Saint-Eienne 2021