Pilot program, Arles, 2017

research program / anthropo-scene / social construct

Local field research and networking - participating in developing the pilot form of the lab structure.

An on-going research program by Fondation Luma Arles, under the direction of Jan Boelen and Caroline Bianco.

Atelier Luma is a design and research lab located in Arles. Through investigating the resources and know-how in the bioregion of Camargue, they focus on developing local solutions for ecological, economic, and social transition.

“Atelier LUMA investigates the many layers of the bioregion. We gather loose historical, cultural, environmental, social, economical elements and weave them together into potential projects.” —Jan Boelen, artistic director of Atelier LUMA

It started in 2016 with an 18 months pilot program which aimed was to create a cartography of the city and its surrounding focusing on 5 strategic themes: Healthy Mobility, Waste Matters, Circular Education, Social Food, Next Hospitality –

In order to thrive in the next economy, Atelier LUMA believed in pursuing what design theorist John Thackara called a “healthy growth” — healthy environment, healthy food, healthy social relationships, healthy housing. It is is neither growth or de-growth, but a third solution in which small, healthy actions transform ecological and social systems through small initiatives and actions of local money, platforms for sharing and the commons.

Research Team (2017)

Jan Boelen, Maria Finders, Henriëtte Waal, Charlotte Dumoncel-D’argence, Fiona du Mesnildot, Diego Zavala, Tony Guerrero, Christiaan Bakker, Jo Van Bostreaten, Roxane Lahidji, Ooze (Eva Pfannes, Sylvain Hartenberg), Vera Sacchetti, Lucia Babina, Sander Hofstee, studio Brynjar & Veronika, Omnigroup