living-room for leisure time, 2016

research program / writings / anthropo-scene

A project by studio Makkink and Bey imagining a Holiday park for furniture production.

This is a room: [   ], a space defined by borders, a piece of emptiness to be filled.

Within a contemporary idea of the domestic space the living room can be understood as the gathering of the “dining room: a room in which they are table and chairs”* and “the sitting room: a room in which there are armchairs and couch”*. Unlike the other rooms of an apartment such as [bed] room, [bath] room, [working] room or even [dining] or [sitting] rooms, the living-room doesn’t suggest any specific form of daily activity. Although it invites to celebrate the idea of life itself: a living room, a room for life.

The [ living ] room becomes a space for [leisure] as the ultimate celebration of life, life during free time, lifetime free of obligations. Living room is a space for times of emptiness to be filled: [relax] [gather] [play] [dream], an empty space within the house to be furnished. [armchair] [sofa] [table] Furniture, rooms within a room, cocoons, capsules. Micro holidays in the daily routine. Layers of comforts for layers of [dreams].

* George Perec, Species of Space - 2. Id.


Red Star Macalline (Shanghai) in Collaboration with Ullens Center for Contemporary Art - UCCA (Beijing), 2016

Research team (2017)

Rianne Makkink, Jurgen Bey, Michou Nanon de Bruijn, Chester Chuang, Anja Van Zoomeren, Rachel Griffin, Fiona du Mesnildot.


Art & Design Gallery, Shenzhen, China. September 2018 – January 2019

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© studio Makkink-Bey
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