Set & Match


set design

A Set Design duet co-founded with Lucie Audau between 2018 and 2020

Set&Match studios were based in Paris. Together they realized set designs for cinema, music, photography, exhibitions and brands.

They collaborated with the fashion photographer François Quillacq – with visual artists and movie directors – such as Olivier Cazin granted by le GREC or Rosalie Charrier specialized in video clips – with music bands such as Papooz or Spang Sisters through the production company b.o.x Paris– and at last – but not least – with the designer Anthony Guerrée head of Habitat Design department for his solo show during Paris Design Week at the National Book Center.

They also helped and advised cinema students from École de la Cité and ESRA upon decor issues towards graduation.

Although the duet is not working together anymore, Lucie continues her practice as Set Director based in Paris and Fiona settled her own practice in Bordeaux - the two designers still collaborate when they can.


Selected Works

"Contes d'hiver" - Special couture for T-le Temps - edito by François Quillacq, fashion photography - Paris 2019
Les assises du temps perdu, Anthony Guerrée's solo show at the CNL - Paris Design Week 2021
Le geste final, a short experimental movie by Olivier Cazin, supported by Le G.R.E.C foundation, Paris 2019.
A-Part Publication #3, edito by François Quillacq, fashion photography, 2018.